Zumba® Classes 

on board Royal Caribbea

Latin Fitness Cruise Tip!

We avoid the junk food that is always on deck near the pool.   The dining room has a beautiful lunch with fresh salad!

Cruise Info 101:
If you are new to cruising with a group, here are some basics.  You must book your reservations with our group through Fantasy Travel.  By booking as a group, we get perks like room credits for all, as well as our own personal space to have our fitness classes in.  We are all team players so we want what is best for the group.  That's what makes the people at our studio special!  :)
Another perk is that while other groups we have heard of upcharge your cabin fee, we do not!  A heavily advertised dance fitness cruise charges you up to 3 times the normal Royal Caribbean cabin rate.  On our latinfitnesscruise we charge the exact same price you will find online on the Royal Caribbean website, you just have to book it with Fantasy Travel.   We are not doing this to make money, just to enjoy time with our friends.  We do not make $ off this cruise.  
We do ask each cruiser to chip in $25 as a group fee, this covers costs we have associated with the cruise during the year; for example website costs, email maintenance, fitness room deposits, instructor insurance etc.  There is quite a list we cover as you can imagine.  We do not take pay for our time, this is just one of the the perks you get for working out with us!
By booking early with Fantasy Travel, if rates go down when Royal Caribbean has a sale, we automatically get bumped down to the sale price.  It has happened several times so it pays to book early!. 
We hope you can join us in 2019!
Sky & friends at Fantasy Travel are ready to help!

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Dinner Theme 2017  Jamaican Mon & Bahama Mama

Dining Fitness Tip:  You can request your meal be sodium free in the dining room.  Go heavy on the veggies!

2013 Party by the Pool

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Dinner Theme 2014 Pirates & Wenches

Dinner Theme 2015 Hawaiian/Tacky Tourist

   Past Royal Caribbean Sale Information FYI

                        before you get carried away read the fine print!

Royal Caribbean often has some type of sale going on.   The below information is on past sales to give you and idea how they work. Royal Caribbean runs a lot of sales and specials.  Rest assured, our travel agents will make sure whatever sale price is going on will be offered to you!  Our group rates are often better than the sale rates.

Sale Information:  Always Read the fine print!

The BOGO Sale:  The above sale has been extended through July 15, 2014.  To clarify the fine print on the Royal Caribbean ad, Royal Caribbean gives you the 50% off the second guest if you are using their PREVAILING RATES.  (PREVAILING RATES are higher than our group rate.)  These rates can change daily just like an airline fare.  It has nothing to do with our group rate which is a fixed rate.  Our agents can check when you are ready to book and see if you are better with the 50% off the prevailing rate or the group rate.  With the 50% off some people have saved off our group rate, (depending on the prevailing rate for the cabin style they are interested in) however not a full 50%.  The second guest will also pay full fees to the Port of Tampa and full gratuities.  Most sale ads do not apply to group rates which are already discounted.

Note from our Travel Agent:  On the 50% BOGO offer the first person must pay the prevailing full fare rate at time of booking and the 2nd person will get 50% off of that prevailing full fare.  We actually review each reservation individually with Royal Caribbean to see whether the BOGO rate or our group rate is the least expensive and then book accordingly.

The Cabin credit sale:

THE CABIN CREDIT SALE:  This Royal Caribbean promotion promises a cabin credit if you book between June 1 - 4, 2014.  In the fine print it says it does not apply to groups as they are already discounted.  FYI when researching any ads, read the fine print.  If any ad does come prior to our cruise you can be assured your Travel Agents and the managers of Zumba Fitness Cruise will make sure we are credited.  It has happened before where we received a credit after booking so we will be researching any future Royal Caribbean corporate advertising. However this particular ad June 1-4 does not apply to group bookings.  Do not plan on receiving any cabin credits but know we will check any future sale advertisements.

Are you a licensed instructor?

If so and you are wanting to do songs during our classes, you need to get in contact with Beth@ZumbaSarasota.com in advance.  Royal Caribbean has certain requirements for teaching on ship and Beth will be handling all scheduling.  Instructors will the largest followings on ship will receive the most class time, it's the fairest way.  We will do our best to fit everyone in at some time.

Zumba® licenses can be found online but you will need to email me copies of current AFAA, ACE, ACOSM certifications as well as your liability insurance.  Thank you.

Have you reviewed Steps 1 -2

under Book Now tab?

Under Step 1 there is a form so our travel agents will have your current information.  If you do not wish to fill out the form, they can take the information by phone.  We also create name tags and other fun items from Step 1 so please print all names in your party clearly on your registration form.

Even if you have cruised with us before, we need for you to update your email under Step 2 automated release and look over the agreement each year.

Do you have a valid passport?  Check the expiration date now.

Our travel agents will be emailing ship check-in requirements, but if you don't own a current passport valid through 2019, now is always a great time to get it updated with no rush.

                 Welcome to the Party!

We welcome all Zumba® fans to join our party, any level of fitness is welcome and everyone is respected at their own level.  Our cruise experience is more fun because we are traveling with other Zumba® fans!   You will find a lot in common with fellow travelers and will be made to feel welcome.  We hope you join us in 2019!

6:00pm Early

Dining for our group

                  Things to Remember!



Motion Sickness Medicine

Extra athletic shoes

Extra athletic clothes - sometimes we run out!

Fancy Outfit for Captains DInner (optional)

Fancy Outfit for Costume Dinner (optional) (theme to be announced)


Valid Passport

Photo ID - Driver's License

On Board Check-in Sheet