Zumba®/Pilates/Yoga Classes on board the Norwegian Breakaway

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Dining Fitness Tip:  You can request your meal be sodium free in the dining room.  Go heavy on the veggies!

2013 Party by the Pool

Are you a licensed instructor?

If so and you are wanting to do songs during our classes, you need to get in contact with in advance.  NCL has certain requirements for teaching on ship and Beth will be handling all scheduling.  Instructors will the largest followings on ship will receive the most class time, it's the fairest way.  We will do our best to fit everyone in at some time.

Zumba® licenses can be found online but you can email me copies of current AFAA, ACE, ACOSM certifications as well as your liability insurance.  Thank you.

                 Welcome to the Party!

We welcome all Zumba® fans to join our party, any level of fitness is welcome and everyone is respected at their own level.  Our cruise experience is more fun because we are traveling with other Zumba® fans!   You will find a lot in common with fellow travelers and will be made to feel welcome.  We hope you join us in 2020!

6:00pm Early

Dining for our group

                  Things to Remember!



Motion Sickness Medicine

Extra athletic shoes

Extra athletic clothes - sometimes we run out!

Fancy Outfit for Captains DInner (optional)

Fancy Outfit for Costume Dinner (optional) (theme to be announced)


Valid Passport

Photo ID - Driver's License

On Board Check-in Sheet

                       Miscellaneous Expertise & Tips
     from Our 7+ Years of Zumba® Group Cruising!

1)You are allowed to pack one bottle of wine/champagne in your carry-on bag to bring on ship. The NCL & Royal Caribbean sites says not to check it, use carry-on for this. We often do this and take turns bringing a bottle to dinner.  Note: NCL has a $15 charge if you bring a bottle on wine onboard in your carry-on.
2) Save yourself some time standing in line at the cruise customer service desk and book your excursions/water bottles/spa treatments/wifi/extras online BEFORE boarding at NCL's or Royal Caribbeans website. Don't wait until right before we sail, cruise lines may close out the ability to do so 3 days before sailing. You will need your sailing departure date and your cruise ID from Fantasy Travel to book your excursion online.  You can also book at the ships customer service desk onboard.
3) Medications should be in your carry-on.
4) Don’t put your passport in your checked luggage! You will need it to get both on and off ship.
5) Pack in advance, 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s for tipping as needed. 
6) There is no need to bring every credit card you own with you. There's no Macy's where we are going :). Just pack what you will need.
7) Want an excursion with friends? Our newsletters always mention what some of us may be doing for excursions.  To receive our newsletters make sure you signed up for them via this site.  If you did not read your last newsletter copies can be found here on our FB page.   Cruise Group FB Page:  

8) If traveling to the Port on our group bus, thanks for having your bags tagged before you arrive at the studio with the room number tag provided by travel agency. Also have a colorful personal name tag, many bags look alike when we are leaving the ship for home.
9) When we arrive at the Port, you may be required to fill out a form stating you are not ill. 
10) Please do not be concerned if your checked bags are not at your ship door after the lifeboat drill. Believe us, they will eventually arrive! Look down the hall and see if they got placed at the end, they will arrive eventually, don't panic. Some arrive later than others, this happens every year.  
11) If you didn't take time to pack a dinner theme costume and wish you had, there is always something to be found while in port before our theme dinner. Also this is always optional and not required of course! 
12) Onboard ship, always go by ships time never your personal devices time. Ships time can be found on your tv channels.
13) When our fun is over and we are leaving the ship to debark, if you get a porter for your luggage you will bypass that long line.
14) Did you know Royal Caribbean published onboard groups on their website in past years and highlighted us! That's how cool we are. Small but drama free and fun people!
15)  If you read this to the end, & we hope you did!  Here are some emergency numbers while on board:  Beth 941-374-1560 & Michelle 973-296-3816. Please text both numbers, don't use voicemail, we never know when voicemail will arrive when we are at sea.  Welcome aboard!

>Release Agreement Here

Dinner Theme 2019 Fantasy Fest

Dinner Theme 2014 Pirates & Wenches

Dinner Theme 2015 Hawaiian/Tacky Tourist

Have you reviewed Steps 1 -2

under Book Now tab?

Under Step 1 there is a form so our travel agents will have your current information.  If you do not wish to fill out the form, they can take the information by phone.  We also create name tags and other fun items from Step 1 so please print all names in your party clearly on your registration form.

Even if you have cruised with us before, we need for you to update your email under Step 2 automated release and look over the agreement each year.

Do you have a valid passport?  Check the expiration date now.

Our travel agents will be emailing ship check-in requirements, but if you don't own a current passport valid through 2020, now is always a great time to get it updated with no rush.

Cruise Info 101:
If you are new to cruising with a group, here are some basics.  You must book your reservations with our group through Fantasy Travel.  By booking as a group, we get perks like room credits for all, as well as our own personal space to have our fitness classes in.  We are all team players so we want what is best for the group.  That's what makes the people at our studio special!  :)
Another perk is that while other groups we have heard of upcharge your cabin fee, we do not!  A heavily advertised dance fitness cruise charges you up to 3 times the normal Royal Caribbean or NCL cabin rate.  On our latinfitnesscruise we charge the exact same price you will find online on the NCL or Royal Caribbean website, you just have to book it with Fantasy Travel.   We are not doing this to make money, just to enjoy time with our friends.    

By booking early with Fantasy Travel, if rates go down when NCL or Royal Caribbean has a summer sale, we automatically get bumped down to the sale price.  It has happened several times so it pays to book early!. 
We hope you can join us in 2020!
Sky & friends at Fantasy Travel are ready to help!

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Fantasy Fest 2019

Dinner Theme 2017  Jamaican Mon & Bahama Mama

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Latin Fitness Cruise Tip!

We avoid the junk food that is always on deck near the pool.   The dining room has a beautiful lunch with fresh salad!